Why Buy Here?

1. Convenient Location. Sharrett Auto Stores is located at the intersection of two major interstates. I-70 and I-81 off ramps practically end at our parking lot, making Sharrett Auto Stores one of the most accessible locations to Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania residents .

2. Huge Selection. We have what you need. Whether it's utility, comfort, new, used, economy, or luxury we always have options. At Sharrett Auto Stores we understand that each and every one of our customer's has different needs. Our mission is to serve you and your community to the absolute best of our ability.

3. Our Staff. Life as a Sharrett Auto Stores employee is rewarding, and fun. Our employees are a tight knit, hard working community. They truly believe in what they do, and they have fun doing it!

4. Award Winning Team. For the last ten years Sharrett Auto Stores has worked hard to achieve industry leading customer service scores as well as serving our communities in and outside of the dealerships. Sharrett Auto Stores represents dedication to the customer - because we use a majority of different banks, we are able to help customers out who may have had a 'blip' in their life that may hinder their car buying process. We love nothing more than helping these customers and then seeing them a few years later, blip-free!

5. A Bold Financing Strategy. If you decide to finance with Sharrett Auto Stores you will get two things the benefit of the lowest interest rates around because of our long standing relationship with our lenders, and excellent rates on extended warranties. While we think this is the best option for our customers, you are always welcome to finance your vehicle through a bank or credit union of your choosing.

6. It's All About You! Our business revolves around our customers. Your needs always come first, because you are, in fact, the only reason we exist. You are what we are all about, and we want to show you that by giving you the absolute best service possible. Sharrett Auto Stores is also committed to the entire Washington County Community and often gets involved in community events. Welcome to our new website!

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